Geekpoint is here to Help
Geekpoint is here to Help


Geekpoint is an IT company based out of Kent, Washington and services the entire Puget Sound region. Geekpoint focuses on home and small business users. Technology is a great tool and it can also be a lot of fun. Geekpoint is here to make that a reality and make it as easy as it can be for you. Geekpoint services anything that is technology related, including custom built computers, hardware installations, software installations, virus & spyware removal, website design & administration, website hosting, you name it. If you have a simple question or a complex setup, Geekpoint will listen and help you. Click on 'Contact' below to talk to Geekpoint today.
Kent, WA

Operating System Install

Running the latest operating system helps maximize your devices performance and security. But installation can take hours. Why not leave it to the experts? Geekpoint will provide a complete, professional installation, along with re-installation of drivers, software and updates.


Looking for a specific part? Or just need a recommendation on what is best to buy for your needs? Geekpoint will find the best product at the best price for you.


Device Tune-Up

Ensure your device runs smoothly and securely with the Geekpoint Tune-Up service. Geekpoint will enhance speed and performance, enable basic security features, remove unwanted programs and ensure your device is functional for everyday use.

Hardware Install

Add a device peripheral to your setup with this hardware install service. Geekpoint will install an internal or external device component, such as a graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner, and configure it for added convenience.

Website Hosting

Enjoy top rated hosting with speed, support, and up-time for your website.

Device Setup

Take the hassle out of your device setup. Geekpoint will set up your device and, install necessary software applications and necessary external peripheral devices, configure your existing Internet configuration and existing e-mail accounts and test your device for proper functionality.

Malware Removal

Make sure your device is ready for action with this diagnostic and repair service. Geekpoint will uncover and solve any operating system issues, remove viruses and spyware and optimize your device for improved performance.

Website Administration

If you are looking to start a simple blog or need your first website for your business, look no further than Geekpoint. Geekpoint will design, administer, and show you the ins and outs of your new website.

Software Install

Get that important piece of software up and running on your computer with this software installation service for your device. Geekpoint will install and/or repair, configure and update 1 software application and add convenient shortcuts for quick and easy access. Software not included.


Your devices need strong, stable network connections. Geekpoint will configure your network equipment to maximize performance and optimize security.


Take control of your devices with training from Geekpoint. Geekpoint can simply and patiently help you with navigating your devices, connecting devices, surfacing the internet, using software and more.

Data Backup & Recovery

Whether it’s your phone or your computer, you need a backup. Get ahead of it today by having Geekpoint implement an easy and secure backup solution either a local backup or in the cloud (or both!).

Geekpoint Does Small Business Support Too!

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